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Warrior Alpha LX2 PRO Stick

Warrior Alpha LX2 PRO Stick

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  • SABRE TAPER | Our exclusive taper provides a stable, powerful, and controlled release with  pinpoint accuracy on hard shots. Designed and built for players that need reliable accuracy  from anywhere, and dependable stability when shooting. 

    ERGO SHAFT SHAPE | The ergonomic contoured shaft fits comfortably and securely in your  hands, enhancing touch and feel for better deking, dragging, and shooting. 

    R.L.C. 188 | Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 188 is our highest-grade construction  and uses the most advanced material selection and processing technologies to produce  an extremely lightweight and durable stick. RLC188 combines the latest in modern carbon  composites technology – using lower density fibers and thermoplastic-toughened epoxy resin  to provide optimal performance and balance. 

    MINIMUS CARBON 25 | This carbon weave is a flat, spread-tow material that optimizes  strength by reducing fiber crimp and deformation in the composite layering. The custom weave  is thin and light, yet extremely strong and resistant to damage. 

    FUELCORE ULTRA | Proprietary blade core material and layup structure that maintains crisp  and solid puck feel throughout the life of the stick. The polymer blade core is tough and durable  and is wrapped with high-grade carbon fiber and our Minimus Carbon 25 outer weave. Texture  on the blade surface increases grip on the puck.  

    APEX GRIP TEXTURE | Textured shaft surface coupled with a tacky soft grip finish locks easily  in your hands for peak control and accuracy.

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