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Edea Concerto Ice Skate  Boot Only Figure Skates - Black

Edea Concerto Ice Skate Boot Only Figure Skates - Black

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The Edea Concerto is a stiff boot that suits skater doing triple and quad jumps. The extra strength in this boot means it is often the choice for male skater or pairs doing high jumps that require extra support. All of Edea's skates contain a lightweight technology. The slant of the foot bed has been increased. Meaning that reaction time is reduced as the foot is already in position. This makes the skater more fluid when preparing for jumps. The fiberglass and nylon sole increases stability and power.The sole is thinner lowering the center of gravity giving the skater more control and stability. The heel design adds more stability and the curve of the heel increases weight distribution The better flexibility of Edea boots reduces the time it takes to break in the skates. There is an anti-shock layer added to the skate due to the dual sole technology that reduces the vibrations from the ice allowing the skater to concentrate more.The thinner sole gives the toes more wiggle room making the skates more comfortable. The are padded with microfiber fabric that provides support and comfort.

Boots kept in stock are a regular C fitting. B, D and E fitting boots are available to special order from Edea. They can take anything between 4 to 6 weeks. Please order the width on the drop down.

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