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Warrior Ritual G5 Goal Pads

Warrior Ritual G5 Goal Pads

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Product Details

The Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads are incredibly light and specifically designed for the goaltender to get the most out of their equipment.

Starting off with the biggest change from the G4 to the G5 is CoverEDGE+. CoverEDGE+ is a fairly easy concept to understand with little explanation needed. This brand-new feature applies a face-forward design that adds a new dimension to maximizing your coverage in the net. By bringing the face of each piece of the G5 gear forward, the angle to the puck is further cut down, allowing you to get a piece of pucks that would just miss more conventionally designed gear.

Another great feature on the Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Leg Pads is the redesigned AIRslide technology. AIRslide is designed to enhance pad sliding, especially when the ice gets rough during long practices or in late game situations. Diagonally oriented channels are designed to create an optimal trajectory when sliding around the crease and are engineered to decrease the overall surface area that contacts the ice, in turn making sliding easier and more consistent on any quality of ice. Warrior has also removed the binding from the inside of the knee to increase overall durability and reduce friction when sliding.

Moving on to the outer roll design of the Warrior G5 Leg Pads, you will see yet another big change. The entire outer roll is redesigned to an RVH optimized shape that creates a seal between the pad face and the post in the Reverse VH position without sacrificing the necessary puck stopping benefits. This outer roll slowly tapers off toward the top of the pad so that the goaltender will be able to get a more consistently clean butterfly when dropping down. Warrior has also reinforced the thigh rise with HyperComp to achieve a more consistent shape through the pad and increase longevity.

Next is the 360° ACTIVEdrop leg channel that enhances five hole coverage. This brand-new feature eliminates the need to have an extremely loose pad to achieve a faster butterfly by encouraging the knee and thigh segments of the leg pad to drop lower, covering more five hole while the goalie is in an upright stance.

Around on to the strapping of the Warrior G5 Leg Pads, Warrior has added a 360DualFIT strapping system that works along with the ACTIVEdrop feature to achieve the exact with the goaltender desires. The 360DualFIT strap can be worn both over the leg channel like most pads are designed or pulled through the calf wrap to get a snugger feeling on the goaltenders’ leg. Up at the knee, the sling wrap acts as a normal knee strap but can be modified in several different ways by removing the buckle part for an only Velcro attachment or the buckle can be adjusted and angled down on the calf.

Finally, down at the boot, the Active response toe strap has been lengthened due to customer feedback so you can get more play off of this strap when the pads are brand-new which helps relieve stress on the goaltenders hips and knees. The elastic boot strap will be available to be adjusted and worn under or behind the skate due to the goaltender’s preference.

Warrior Ritual G5 Pro pads are 11 inches in width for all sizes and come with G5 Senior+ sized knee pads in a laundry bag.


  • CoverEDGE+ maximizes coverage using our innovative face foward design
  • 360DualFIT ACTIVEdrop leg channel
  • RVH Optimized outer roll
  • AIRslide technology
  • HyperComp reinforced thighrise
  • Adjustable knee cradle system
  • Knee Drive System
  • Optimal stability in butterfly
  • Lightweight design with highest quality materials
  • Clean construction
  • Active Response Straps
  • Ritual G5 SR Knee Pad included in laundry bag
  • Carrying strap included with leg pads
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