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Warrior Alpha DX3 Shin Guards

Warrior Alpha DX3 Shin Guards

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The Warrior Alpha DX line is Warrior’s new line for the 2019/20 season. It offers a dynamic strike fit which is designed to be low-profile and provide a superior fit and mobility compared to previous lines.

Knee & Shin Caps
The knee and shin caps of the DX3 feature an ergonomic design to secure your leg in the proper spot. The shin cap has been ventilated to promote airflow, and an engineered knee pocket has also been constructed into the liner of the pad to keep your knee directly in the middle of the cap.

The Alpha DX3 offers lightweight, molded slash and calf guards to keep you safe. The slash guards, located above the knee, provide that extra little bit of protection between your hockey pants and the knee cap, while the calf guard wraps around the back of the leg to keep you fully protected.

The Strike liner in the Alpha DX3 helps to keep you dry by wicking moisture away from your body while playing - similar to a base layer shirt under your gear. The liner is also fully removable for easy washing and cleaning.

The Warrior DX3 shin pads fasten with two elastic and velcro straps. A thick strap secures the protection against the calf and the other wraps around the pad and the leg, just under the knee, to hold the pad tight.

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