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Tour Code 1 Inline Skates

Tour Code 1 Inline Skates

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Designed for the elite level Roller Hockey Player, The Tour Code 1 debuts exciting new features including an adjustable tongue for extra comfort and support that runs all the way to the end of the toe box, as well as a new flexible tendon guard.

A.C.R Tongue - The Anti-lace bite, Removable tongue & Custom Fit Toe box.

Allowing for maximum fit and comfort the A.C.R tongue can be completely removed with the heavy duty Velcro Strap to allow the player to choose the exact height and side position giving a truly custom fit.

Tour have also increased the comfort of this boot by extending the Tongue to fit to the end of the Toe box giving a comfortable fit even when sized truly snug to the foot.

Kinetic Flex Tendon - Moving away from the generic hard tendon guard Tour have added a Kinetic Flexible tendon guard to allow the player maximum movement without losing momentum from their stride.

Fit - Tour have given these boots a Thermo-moldable shell allowing the best fit possible without a painful break in period.

The AccuAire H600 quilted liner and the In-Step Honeycomb cooling system work together to provide maximum airflow during a game to better help keep feet cool, dry and securely planted. The Tour Code 1 also has enlarged L ankle pads that ensure maximum heel lock for optimal energy transfer.

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