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CCM 9080 Tacks Shoulder Pads

CCM 9080 Tacks Shoulder Pads

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Brand new for 2019 are the CCM Super Tacks 9080 Senior Shoulder Pads! While offering the same elite-level protection and comfortability, CCM has incorporated a few key features to this new protective line, making it their most advanced line to date!

Jumping right into the build of the Super Tacks 9080 Shoulder Pads, CCM used a Dual-layer stretch base jacket. This Anatomical 3D design and construction prevents the pads from moving around too much, ensuring a close-to-the-body fit! The Super Tacks 9080 Shoulder Pads also utilize an adjustable strapping system allowing players to customize how the pad feels on their body!

Moving to the shoulders of the Super Tacks 9080 Shoulder Pads, the caps are constructed with a protective and lightweight JDP Foam that provides players with elite-level protection. This goes hand in hand with CCM’s popular D30 Smart material that helps reduce the force of direct impacts from checks! Just below the shoulder caps are the bicep protection pieces with adjustable strapping, giving the players the option to choose how the pads fit around their biceps.

Molded-PE Floating foam was used in the sternum and spine areas, further enhancing the protection levels of the Super Tacks 9080 Shoulder Pads. The D30 Smart material was utilized in these areas again as well, helping to disperse the force of direct impacts in game!

Moving to the mid-section, HD foam kidney protection and a removeable belly pad were added! This kidney coverage provides players with even more comfort, and protection to the sensitive kidney areas, ensuring all parts of your upper body are well-covered and protected.

On the interior of the Super Tacks 9080 Shoulder Pads, CCM added a comfort base jacket and mesh liner. This design is made to maximize air flow and mobility keeping the player dry, cool, and keep the pads feeling lightweight throughout the entire skating session!

Thanks to the improvised D30 Protection and the addition of the Dual-Layer base jacket, these shoulder pads were built to perform at the highest levels! If you are an elite-level player looking for great protection and comfort in your gear, look no further than the CCM Super Tacks 9080 Senior Shoulder Pads!

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