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Hyperlite shoulder pads
Hyperlite shoulder pads

Hyperlite shoulder pads

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The new Vapor Hyperlite shoulder pad offers the lightest elite-level protection to keep you playing as fast as possible from start to finish. The exposed SHOCKLite foam inserts on the sternum and spine increase the protection of the flexible VENTAPRENE vest.

Level: performance

Key upgrades: Aerolite shoulder cap with connector, Flexaprene vest, spine and rib protection

Shoulder cap: Lightweight Aerolite 2.0 shoulder cap with connector

Sternum Protection: Freely mounted Hyperlite HD sternum protection with Shocklite foam inserts

Chest protection: Soft and comfortable Flexaprene vest

Spine: Molded Hyperlite HD foam with Shocklite foam inserts

Back protection: Full-coverage vest with rib reinforcement

Collarbone Protection: Molded protection with HD foam insert

Biceps: One-piece EXO-Lite outer material with sleeve-fit function

Inner material: THERMOCORE ZERO

Vapor Hyperlite is the lightest elite level protective gear on the market. The Aerolite shoulder cap, the Shocklite foam inserts in the sternum area and the spine, the EXOLite outer material were developed to absorb the impact energy.

Flexible FIT
The Flexprene Vest, X-LITE SHIELD Shin Cap and the
360 degrees of underarm protection allow for a flexible fit.

The THERMOCORE Zero Liner is designed to absorb sweat and eliminate odor. This also offers a cooling effect that makes you feel fresh.

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