Inline & Street

At IceBox we also stock a range of Roller Skates with many styles and brands to choose from including Edea, Risport and Bauer. Some of our most popular skates include Bauer X40R Roller Skates which start at £74.99 and are inline hockey boots which are aimed to customers who are new to roller skating and are looking for a beginner boot. However we also stock boots for the more experienced customers such as fantastic Mission Inhaler DS1 Roller Skates which start at £433. We also stock a range of Edea boots as well as Risport which start at £89.95 for boot only Roller Skates, however we do stock more premium boots including Risport Rubino Roller Skates priced at £270 and also Edea Fly Roller Skates which are also priced at £270