Ice skates and Figure Boots

Ice skate brands include; Edea, of which we stock Edea Ice Fly and Edea Chorus Edea Overture made in Italy these skates are rapidly becoming the most popular skate for competitors and professionals alike . They go fantastically well with John Wilson and MK blades such as the Coronation Ace and the Gold seal and Gold star Revolution.among many others. Edea piano Risport notably the starter boots such as Antares and RFLight are good all rounders with lovely Italian leather uppers A good step up from the starter boots for skaters attemping doubles would be the RF3 accompanied with the Coronation ace Revolution Blade from John Wilson. Jackson Mystique is a good starter boot for someone with extra wide feet and the Competitor and Classique are also favourites. Graf have been making ice skates in Austria for many Years and their range covers both figure skates and ice hockey skates inclunding the Graf Edmonton Special From starter to professional figure skates including Graf bolero,. Most of our ice skating boots can come with or with blades ,offering you a choice of the size of toe pick you require.