Icebox stock a wide range of Ice hockey shorts from some of the worlds leading brands of ice hockey equipment including that of Bauer, CCM, Warrior and RBK. Some of our most popular styles include the Bauer Vapor X60 Shorts which allow the ice hockey player to adopt a true hockey stance more easily, another popular Bauer short that is stocked is the Bauer Nexus 800 Shorts which cost £125 and are one of the most popular Bauer shorts that we stock due to there high-density foam padding with poly inserts, RBK are another popular brand of shorts that we stock here at icebox, the RBK 16K Shorts priced at £73.95 are great as they allow a faster level of play as weight is evenly dispersed out. CCM shorts include the CCM 1052 Tacks Shorts priced at only £49.95 disperses the force of impact away from hip joints,other popular CCM shorts include the CCM RBZ Pro Shorts and the CCM RBZ 130 Shorts. Warrior Covert DT4 Shorts are popular with our beginner ice hockey skaters due to there low price of £39.95 these are prefect for beginners to the sport of ice hockey.