Here at Icebox skating we stock all brands of Ice hockey helmet, including some of of our most popular brands which include Bauer,CCM, Easton and Warrior. Ice Hockey helmets are one of the most important pieces of an ice hockey players equipment. At Icebox skating we stock a range of helmets whether your a beginner and are looking for your first helmet or are an experienced ice hockey player we have a helmet to suit you. One of our most popular helmets is the Bauer IMS.5 Ice hockey helmet which is only £41.95, This is a great helmet for beginners wishing to purchase one of their first ice hockey helmets, we also stock many other starter helmets including the CCM FL40 Helmet and Easton Stealth S7 Helmet which are both great for beginners. however if your looking for a higher end ice hockey helmet why not try the CCM Resistance Helmet priced at only £115 we also stock Warrior Krown PX3 Helmet which is very popular buy with our customers, other popular helmets include the Bauer 7500 Helmet, Bauer Re-Akt 100 Helmet and Easton E700 Helmet.