Here at Icebox we supply a whole range of Ice hockey goalie equipment ranging from helmets to bags, these come from a range of brands such as Bauer, CCM, RBK, Warrior and Graf. we supply many helmets including the Bauer NME 3 Goalie Mask - Special Edition for only £169 this helmet includes a Drawstring mask bag and and extra sweatband. our range of goalie ice hockey skates include the Graf G4500 Goalie Skates for only £152.95 and include Goalie blade with added impact protection. we also stock the RBK 14K Pump Goalie Skates which includes a stainless steel runner that holds a longer edge. Here at ice box we also stock a range of ice hockey goalie bags including the Warrior Covert Wheeled Bag priced at £71.95 this bag is perfect to carry all your goalie equipment around. however if your looking for something a bit smaller the Bauer Padded Goalie Mask Bag is prefect for only £17.95 to carry your helmet round without it being damaged by any other hockey equipment. A range of goalie hockey sticks are also sold here at Icebox skating the Bauer Reactor 5000 Ice Hockey Goalie Stick is prefect for those beginners with a Laminated wood core this a prefect ice hockey goalie stick for anyone.