Here at Icebox skating our Ice Hockey gloves are stocked from the likes of Bauer, CCM, Warrior, Easton, Graf and Fischer. These include the Bauer Vapour X40, the Bauer Supreme gloves and Bauer Nexus gloves. A ll of our gloves come in a range of sizes to suit all hand sizes. Our other brands include CCM, some of our CCM products include the CCM 4R111 and the CCM 30K gloves which provide the perfect anatomical fit which mirrors the natural movements of the hand. Our range of Warrior gloves include the covert DT4 as the starter glove for those who are just starting ice hockey and are looking at purchasing their first pair of gloves. However the Warrior Covert QR1are a similar product by Warrior which are great for those who have previously played ice hockey as the Warrior Covert QR1 gloves provide the best in lightweight hand protection. Graf ice hockey gloves and the Montreal gloves are a reasonably priced glove for the beginners to the sport, the Graf G15 Gloves priced at only £29.95 are great for those just beginning to play ice hockey.