Ice Hockey

Here at IceBox skating we stock all brands of ice hockey equipment including Bauer, CCM, Warrior, Easton and RBK. We supply a fantastic range of products including Ice hockey helmets, ice hockey gloves and ice hockey sticks all at amazing low prices. If your just starting Ice hockey one of our most popular products is the Bauer 2100 helmet which is stocked at a bargain price of £37.95. However we also stock top off the range products including CCM Resistance Helmet and the Bauer Re-Akt 100 Helmet. We also stock a full range of youth intermediate and senior ice hockey sticks with a Fischer FX2 Ice Hockey Stick starting at just £31.95 with top of the range Warrior Covert QR1 Ice Hockey Stick priced at £176. At IceBox we also stock a range of ice hockey accessories to ensure you are fully kitted out, our products include stick tape for only £2.99 and a wide range of coloured guards to protect your blades, these start at only £5.50 and are sure to last. Playing hockey is sure to make you thirsty so why not indulge on one of our low costing Sherbrook Ice Hockey Water Bottles costing only £4.95 which come in a range of colours including black, red and silver.