Warrior Alpha QX PRO Elbow Pads

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Warrior Alpha QX PRO Elbow Pads


Molded plastic elbow cap with Two-Timer Protection
Cap topped with medium-density foam for better impact absorption
Synthetic leather and higher-grade nylon covering for better durability

Segmented bicep guard with VPS (Ventilated Performance System) and plastic inserts
Molded and vented foams allow for air flow through the pad without sacrificing protection
Molded plastic forearm guards lined with medium-density foam
Provides enhanced protection


Full two-piece construction
Nylon straps connecting the bicep guard to the body allows for full range of motion while keeping protection where it needs to be
Three-strap system
Neoprene Sling Wrap Y-Strap
Provides a more comfortable, more secure feel
1.5 " neoprene-like elastic bicep & forearm guard strap


WarTech FNC (Fresh 'n Clean)
Comfortable material that is bathed in Polygiene, helping it to better wick away moisture and impeding odor-causing bacteria from growing at the source
Polygiene does not wash out because it is permanently integrated into the fabric

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